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Article: Retired Webkinz

Ganz, the company that produces Webkinz, has removed some pets from production. These pets are referred to as retired Webkinz. Once a pet becomes retired, their price can soar! For example, Cheeky Dog and Cheeky Cat now sell regularly for more than $500! If you buy a retired pet, you can still play with it in Webkinz World.

In addition to the retired pets, Ganz has also discontinued some other products without officially labeling them as retired. Instead, they call these products discontinued. Many Lil’Kinz have been discontinued, such as Lil’Kinz Black Bear and Lil’Kinz Hippo. Online items found in Webkinz World are also sometimes discontinued.

So which Webkinz are officially retired? Currently, the number of retired Webkinz stands at ten. These include Cheeky Cat, Cheeky Dog, Grey and White Cat, Unicorn, Horse, Basset Hound, Gold and White Cat, Sherbet Bunny, St. Bernard, and Pegasus. As for the Lil’Kinz, four have been retired: Black Bear, Hippo, Basset Hound, and St Bernard.

There are always rumors about what the next Webkinz to be retired will be. If you hear some rumors about a particular Webkinz being retired, it may be worth buying it as soon as you can. Judging from the current prices for Cheeky Cat and Cheeky Dog, you probably can’t afford to wait!