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Article: Intro to Webkinz World

Webkinz World is an online, multiplayer game that allows you to bring your Webkinz to life. You can take care of your pet, participate in games and events, talk with other Webkinz owners, and buy virtual items with the Kinzcash you earn.

To get started, you must first purchase a Webkinz pet with a sealed, unused tag. On this tag there is a special, unique code that will allow you to join Webkinz World. On the Webkinz World website, click the New Member button in the center of the screen. Miss Birdy, the virtual receptionist, will then guide you through the registration process (also called adoption) for your Webkinz. Once you have entered in all the information, you are ready to play!

The most popular activity in Webkinz World is taking care of your pet. You need to make sure your pet is healthy and happy, otherwise it may get sick and you may need to take it to the animal clinic. In order to keep your pet healthy, you must buy and feed it food. The W shop provides lots of different food products, each with different properties. Some foods will make your pet healthier and some will make your pet happier. It is important to balance all of this and keep your Webkinz pet both happy and healthy! You should also play with your Webkinz, which increases their happiness. Other things you will need to do to keep care of your pet include bathing it and making sure it gets exercise.

There are many other activities for you besides playing with and taking care of your pet. You can decorate your room with items that you purchase. You can play games in the arcade or go on special adventures (like Arte’s Gem Hunt) to earn Kinzcash and special items. You should also check out the events schedule as there is always something going on.