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Changes to Webkinz World

Filed under: Webkinz World — WebkinzBonanza on October 15, 2007

Ganz has recently made some significant changes to Webkinz World.

1. New arcade game: If you check out the arcade, you’ll notice a new game called “Home Before Dark.” It’s a puzzle game that involves directing your pets through a maze. There are obstacles to avoid and prizes to grab. Just make sure you get your pet safe before the sun sets and nighttime comes!

2. Third-party advertising: Webkinz World has started to display in-game advertising. So far, only advertisements for “Bee Movie” have been found. These ads are well integrated into the game and some even offer special items, such as a free honey bee costume and honey.

3. New Atlantis theme items: Several new Atlantis theme items have been added, including the Sea TV, the Sunken Treasures Toybox, the Coral Couch, and the Trident Turbine Table. Head over to the W Shop to check out the new items!

December’s Webkinz Pet of the Month

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Hot off the presses: The Webkinz Pet of the Month for December will be the Chihuahua.

When you’re buying your Chihuahua, remember that only the Webkinz full-size version will count as the pet of the month.

Stay tuned for news on the next Pet of the Month!

November’s Webkinz Pet of the Month

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Ganz has announced that the Pet of the Month for November will be the Webkinz Black Bear. This makes the Black Bear the second Pet of the Month, behind October’s Frog.

Pick up a Black Bear in time for November if you can!

Webkinz Recipes

Filed under: Recipes, Webkinz — WebkinzBonanza on September 5, 2007

Have you been looking for a list of tasty Webkinz World recipes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have just added a list of 100+ recipes. My pet’s personal favorites are Wacky Grazzdotazz, Mega Berry Slush, and Choco Chip Waffles. What are your pet’s favorite recipes?

New Articles

Filed under: Uncategorized — WebkinzBonanza on September 3, 2007

There are four new articles in our Articles section that you should check out:

  1. Intro to Webkinz World
  2. Retired Webkinz
  3. Webkinz Charms 101
  4. Where to Buy Webkinz


Pet of the Month Campaign

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Ganz has officially announced the launch of the Pet of the Month campaign. Each month, the company will designate a certain Webkinz pet as the Pet of the Month. If you adopt that pet during the month, you will receive a special assortment of prizes. These prizes will include kinzcash and exclusive virtual items that cannot be purchased or won in any other way.

Keep in mind that the pet MUST be adopted during their special month in order to receive the prizes, although you can buy the pet at any time. Luckily, if you try and register a pet in the month before, you will receive a reminder stating that you may want to wait.

The campaign is scheduled to launch in October with the Webkinz Frog as the very first Pet of the Month. This is a great choice as the Webkinz Frog was the first Webkinz ever made! The exclusive virtual item for the Webkinz Frog in October is rumored to be an animated pond or maybe even a special vehicle.

Remember that you can find the lowest prices on Webkinz Frog in our Catalog.